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 Spirit Shadows are all real photographs.  No digital trickery or multiple exposures are used in their creation.  They’re all taken in nighttime darkness with long single-exposures lasting from one minute up to seven hours.  My equipment is a half-century-old 4x5 view camera and a tripod.

The Nation's Christmas Tree

In 1926, President Coolidge designated the General Grant Tree as the official Nation's Christmas Tree.
"It is difficult to comprehend the immense size, age and stature of the General Grant Tree, but it is easy to let your mind and spirit rise as its trunk carries your gaze toward the starry skies."
And that is exactly what Robert Kawika Sheer captured in this six-hour long photograph of the giant. The camera shutter was left open from 10pm-4am. This resulted in the amazing star-trail pattern in the night sky. Photographed on a 4"x5" piece of film. Not a digital capture at all.
This is by far our most popular star-trail photograph.