General Grant Giant Sequoia T-Shirt

General Grant Giant Sequoia T-Shirt

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This General Grant Tree ultra-premium-quality T-Shirt has the Spirit Shadows wow-factor.  It's double-sided with the same image appearing on the front and the back!  This star-trail image is printed on high-end fabric then hand-cut and sewn.  Be the first to wear this one-of-a-kind wrap-around wonder! The wows are guaranteed.

 The General Grant Tree is a six-hour single-exposure photograph taken at night between 10 pm and 4 am.  Stars etch across the negative as they appear to traverse across the sky.  It's really the Earth's rotation causing the star movement.  I never see the top of the tree in the darkness, and the sky remains black to me the whole time.  Eventually our galaxy illuminates the darkness bringing back a blue sky on the negative.  At the beginning of the exposure, I light up the front of the tree with a Coleman lantern for 30 minutes so you can see the red bark of the sequoia.


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