Robert and Ingela Sheer welcome you to their Spirit Shadows® website...

Robert Kawika Sheer pushes the envelope of traditional photography with his performance-art night-time Spirit Shadows photographs. 
His photos are enjoyed by a wide varitey of collectors from all over the world. 

 Spirit Shadows are all real photographs.  No digital trickery or multiple exposures are used in their creation.  They’re all taken in nighttime darkness with long single-exposures lasting from one minute up to seven hours.  My equipment is a half-century-old 4x5 view camera and a tripod.
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All Spirit Shadows photographs we sell on this website are limited editions. 
They're all signed and numbered by the artist.
The total edition of a Spirit Shadows image is 750, unless otherwise noted. 
Medium size, edition of 350
Large size, edition of 250
XL size, edition of 150
Whenever possible, the photographs are hand-printed by Robert Kawika Sheer on archival photo paper in a traditional darkroom.

If you would like a bigger print than the XL size listed here, call us at 310-398-1899
If you would like to upgrade an image to a larger size, call us at 310-398-1899
Keep your Spirit Shadows photographic prints out of direct sunlight.  If you want to display an image in a sunny spot on your wall, we suggest having us print the image on canvas or metal.   
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Robert and Ingela first met at photography school in the year 1999.  Ingela Sheer is an accomplished portrait photographer having created
over 2000 stunning images for families, couples, and individuals over the past 15 years.  To inquire about her portrait photography services, call 310.398.1899

Robert Kawika Sheer 
& Ingela Sheer