General Grant Giant Sequoia

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Kings Canyon National Park, California.

A six hour single exposure taken between 10pm-4am.

Artist Statement:
I chose this subject because of the iconic wow factor of our giant sequoia trees-the largest trees on earth by volume.  This astronomical tree deserved a stellar background, so I made a six-hour single exposure, recording the movement of the stars as they appear to traverse the night sky and etch their paths into the negative.  (It's really our planet's rotation that causes this effect).  During the course of the night, the stars also illuminated the atmosphere and turned the black sky blue.  Meanwhile, I lit the tree with a handheld Coleman lantern for 30 minutes as seemingly every dart-flying bug in the dark forest flick-snapped me in the head and neck.
On a nice compositional note, the circular lines in the sky mimic the growth rings inside the tree.

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